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About Janet Barrett

I am all about breaking down the illusions – whether it is feeling or thought – and separating out the emotional, physical, mental energies so that the pearls of wisdom buried can be free of the pain that created it. This allows for new realities, clearing out the perceived negatives that encode the information and hold patterns stuck.


My Path and Influences

My starting point is that life is sacred and a joy. I have come to that vantage point after dealing personally with diagnosed and undiagnosed catastrophic illnesses for most of my life.  At some point you have to find a way not to let that be the only thing that defines you. Everyday it is a choice to be alive and live life with deep appreciation and in joyous wonderment. I don’t intend to make life only about surviving and dying anymore. Realizing how not to be a victim to our illusions of who we are and what we feel physically and emotionally is a life´s journey. Learning how to take the hurts that we each all hold and distilling them into the gifts of wisdom that they truly are takes time, energy and experience. It is only consciousness directing experiences.

Breaking Down Illusions

I am an energy empath, so I feel stuff. For many years this was a problem. I have learned to harness this ability so that it is a gift rather than a wound. I feel energy in words, the unseen and in my body. Distance is irrelevant. I am a visual creature delighting in color and form and attuned to the verbal. In the media industries I spent years in front of a camera and on stage as a model, and trained others to do the same. This was followed by years behind the camera working with makeup on models, personalities, movie stars, luminaries and regular folk. I have always been exploring energy and how we, as individuals, use it in the form of money, power, physical strength, ability and spirit of the heart.

Through it all I was in pain, physical pain. That was the filter I lived my life in, collecting painful feelings of mine and other peoples’ pain about life. Metaphysics and the intuitive arts became an important way for me to deal with my life. I was a bit beyond what doctors and medicine defined. After years of frustration, it was to be my saving grace. I have learned to go beyond what I was and wasn´t in the minds of doctors, family and my own limiting beliefs.

Finding Health through Wholeness

I don’t have the physical pain as a daily experience these days. It came as a collection of influences that have since eased. There is no disease present. Exploring the Asian concepts of medicine, man, earth and heaven along with developments in Western science about the role of body, mind and spirit in recent years has helped me find better ways to experience the concept of Wholeness. It is about consciousness. I have come to appreciate wisdoms, not dogmas, from many different sources. I am a work of art of my own creation, influenced by some wonderful people who showed me about consciousness and its power. I thank them all for they are why I am still here.

Some of the perspectives that I include in my work are from being a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, and utilizing both the Yuen Method and Emei Qi Gong. Reiki and Brain Gym have also proven very helpful. These trainings, and others, have taught me to look at information globally. They are different systems and languages exploring the same thing – spirit/energy and what we can do with it.

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Change your story – change your life!

I have been involved in healing modalities for over 25 years and have seen and experienced many amazing changes and healings. However, I know the difference between change and transformation and what I have experienced. With Janet was the most amazing, permanent transformation that I have ever experienced in my 25 years of healing, and experienced that transformation in minutes! I’m completely on board with Janet and look forward to our next session! Thank you!!
– DM, St. Louis, MO


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I have received invaluable training along the way. I credit some energy technologies with saving my life. I credit all with challenging me to go beyond what I'd previously been told and believed. Let me take a moment to give a shout out to those modalities:

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