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Private Appointments

There's something to fit just about everyone's schedule and inclination – individual appointments, multi-client sessions as a series and group activities. Clients may be adults, children, animals with owners, friends or family acting as surrogates. I welcome you to phone me with questions about using Conscious Technologies or to set up a session.

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Change happens! One-on-One Appointments

Our appointment time together is about the lightness of being. It is about finding your sense of wonder again. I don´t consider myself a healer as that is limiting what is possible. I facilitate. I don’t do anything to you. Your inner wisdom and wonder do the shifting. By being present to the information as it arises in the moment, your states of possibilities will manifest and be felt.

On the quantum level where we are playing, your energy patterns experienced as thoughts and feelings, emotional and physical, will ease, lighten and expand. You shift and will continue to shift long after the appointment is over. What seemed so important will be different if you allow it to be so.

Every Session is Different Yet Effective

In person sessions are usually done with the client and me standing. I use a light hands touch for focusing our attention on or off the body. You can then often feel your energy shifting physically. Depending on the individual, ones´ own sensitivity to energy within and how you incorporate shift and change in your life this can be subtle, dramatic, emotionally releasing, silly and maybe generate spontaneous laughter as it releases itself out of the old pattern. In a phone session I will have my client stand next to a bed or in the front of the chair so they can allow their body to move safely as needed.

Every appointment is different, and how I work within that structure is different. I look to be open to the information presenting itself right then and there without preconceived notions about you. To me, you are a fascinating array of information, much more than just a physical body. You are just a bunch of photons and electrons floating around within a matrix, a form. You may have an issue, a list of issues or a story of symptoms. We allow this to be a starting point, a frame of reference of what was and a reference to check again at the end of the session. I will ask you a few questions that come to mind, and then we allow ourselves to relax and see what happens.

We Establish A State of Rapport

When we work together in a session, we are establishing a state of rapport where we really are sharing information on the conscious and intuitive levels. Your issues are only patterns holding you in states of consciousness affecting physical, emotional and mental realms. Our work together is to see how we can shift these states in easy, fun and profound ways that can be felt immediately and also be noticed over time. Pain can ease immediately. Emotions will lift and the states of possibilities are experienced about the concern. Often there is a sense of lightheadedness, or an expansive feeling on different levels. The experience may defy words and just be felt with a knowing that shift has happened.

Information will present itself, whether it be sensory or symbolic. I look to unlock language that has encoded thoughts and emotions and to be present with what is there. In this observing, comes the shift: shift in the present moment to a new more resourceful state that may be felt right away or maybe later.

Each Session Includes a Follow-up to Fine-tune Outcomes

I will also want to hear back from you in a couple of days to follow-up with what new information you are experiencing in a ten minute chat. This check-in is included in the original session price.

Shift happens in a moment and supporting new behaviors may take some support. Depending on how you have encoded your information, conditions can clear in one appointment or we may find that you will want to be with the shifts for a bit and then have another session.

You really helped me to trust what I experience.
– JP, Paducah, KY

Scheduling and Location

I book by the hour Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Saturdays and evenings are an option upon request. In-person client sessions are in my home at
  3350 SE Colt Drive
  Portland, Oregon 97202

For clients not on Pacific Time, I am happy to play with time zone considerations.

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One All-Inclusive Fee

Individual sessions are $200 per hour. This fee includes a 50-minute session and a ten minute follow-up phone chat or email a few days later. If an appointment feels like it needs to go longer, we will decide that together during the session. Sliding scale can be available.

Payment Is Easy and Secure

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