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The following are among the many systems of thought that have made changes in my life. Each in its own way challenges us about going beyond what we might have been told we are and think we are and into what we can be. What you will find here is what spirit/energy having a human experience is all about…


Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics. Dr. Richard Bartlett DC, ND, developed this consciousness technology system out of his collective experiences as a doctor familiar with over 40 different modalities of healing. It directs us to the radical notion that we are what we think, that my thinking is the result of known and mostly unknown influences and that you can affect yourself and others in new ways when you change your thinking about what is real. It is the blend of science, magic and mysticism, (which are all the same thing really) in a most delightful, challenging, mind blowing look at reality. It can save your life in more ways than you thought even possible. It did for me.

Brain Gym

Brain Gym. How humans learn and develop is remarkable. Brain Gym explores how the hardwiring of the brain, and the software of the mind work in parallel and cross over with each other to train our developing minds. With simple methods, it presents how we learn as children in a way that can be applied to us as adults to retrain our minds to new experiences and literally use the same hardwiring in a new way. Great stuff!

Yuen Method

Yuen Method. Dr. Kam Yuen taught me a new way to think about neutrality, the concept of attachment/non attachment. My idea of neutral was related to the gears of a car in which neutral is non-engaged and not moving. Nothing happens and you don´t go anywhere. How can that be good? Dr. Yuen is a Shaolin monk by training and a grandmaster of five different disciplines of martial arts. His appreciation of neutrality, from that point of view is very different. Being neutral means not being affected by energy around you, unless you choose to be affected. For him the body works like a computer with binary energy either strong or weak. Corrections are made to the midline of the body and instantaneous flow is opened.

Emei Qi Gong

Emei Qi Gong. Before there was us, there was Wuji, the Meta Intelligence, the All, the Void, Chaos. Out of this came tai chi (form). And then there was suffering. Emei Qi Gong leads us back through this by way of the heart into Wuji once again. Grandmaster Foo is the 12th lay leader of this 800 year old practice of health and vitality. Harmony is the way. It is simple, mindful, and blends Wuji and tai chi in movement.

Conscious Systems

Conscious Systems. Mark Dunn, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, teacher, adventurer of alternate realities and a student of healing forms from around the world. His body of work is about the relationship of the physical body to the Spirit. He shows us how to hold a reference of the Unified field within our physical being and how to transcend the sense of separation we so often hold. He deals in issues of being, thinking, feeling and manifesting what we want out of life.

Interlude: An Internet Retreat

Interlude: An Internet Retreat. This website seeks to inspire moments of peace and reflection. It features a “Thought of the Day” and a “Meditation of the Week.” Since 1995 this cyber monk has charted the human condition with words and feelings in poetry and prose pulling from a broad appreciation of different wisdom traditions. He is my husband Tom.

Embryo in Us

Embryo in Us. Jaap van der Wal PhD, MD was a professor of anatomy and embryology for 42 years in his native Holland. He was in charge of the lab work in the development of the in-vitro programs in Holland. He has dissected over 900 human bodies and was also involved in collecting data about Life/Death experiences. He has explored the polarity of form and function in the human embryo interacting with consciousness through the field of Dynamic Morphology. He certainly rocked my boat about whatever I thought I knew about biology and being human. He presents his groundbreaking, challenging status quo viewpoints with a loving heart and appreciation for philosophy, movement, language and Mahler. He is a delight.

Anthroposophical Medicine and Rudolph Steiner

Anthroposophical Medicine and Rudolph Steiner. Rudolph Steiner not only started the Waldorf school systems, which is how I knew of him but he also was quite the mystic and thinker of the 20th Century. He formed a branch of medicine that I have been delighted to experience. His MDs are great with the chemistry and are also into energy. If you like your Western medicine with a different take on the human experience give them a try.

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