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Fuzzy Photons Group Study

Being present as consciousness exploring daily life is at the core of being. I offer a number of group environments to support this exploration, and I’m open to creating more. Join us to explore what is showing up in your life and to amp up the morphic field of playful transformation. Feel free to phone me with questions about the groups.


What Are Fuzzy Photons?

The term fuzzy photons refers to how physicists understand the particles of light, or photons, that make up everything in our world, and how they move in a cloud. Photons are always in motion, quivering – hence the fuzzy. Photons also move into and out of patterns. Only when one of these patterns is observed does it settle into physical reality.

That’s what we bring to the mix: the Observer Effect. We can use the observer effect to shift our reality by asking questions and allowing things to be different. The questions reintroduce potential, dissolve the observed pattern, shift the fuzzy photons around until we observe, feel, sense a new reality taking shape.

  What is a play group?
Play groups reflect the attitude we take with Consciousness. Being playful allows us to re-encode the seriousness life can present us. A lot of adults have lost the dynamic of play as a way of life. Many never had it to begin with. Play allows for fun, creativity, questions and open limits. Heart-centered play is all about how easy it is to be present. Allowing for flow, not work, is essential. We strive to draw from heart-centered play in our daily lives. I deliberately use the word play.
  What is a practice group?
Practice groups are just that, practice. The morphic field resonance of practice is rarely associated with fun. I don’t know many people who like to practice. Studies show that top athletes like professional soccer players don’t need constant practice to stay in shape. We work too hard often. We look to justify our behaviors of play and take all the fun out.


Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups – Live Janet teaches a heart-centered approach to intuition
2-hour, Interactive Group Meetings via Zoom Video Conferencing

Utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing, our live, 2-hour interactive group meeting responds to your input and challenges each week. Zoom’s tools allow for video streaming images of each participant, including a name listing, public and private chat rooms, and breakout rooms which allow for one-on-one play. These interactive tools connect us in a way a webinar, phone call or even Skype does not.

Consistent play develops awareness. Do you feel it when you need to is the bottom line. I have no doubts that the group’s dynamics will keep you enjoying Fuzzy Photon reality.

We will start with clearing patterns and language that keeps us from enjoying potential as real. We will then focus on accessing new reality states in patterns challenging us. What is possible for you and each of us in the field of Potential, Heart Centered Awareness? What would it be like to feel the warmth, support, non-judgment and appreciation that is Grace? I extend this to you.

Please email me to sign up your Playground Group time preference, questionnaire, release and payment directions. If you have any questions or thoughts to share please email me.

Wednesday evenings, 6-7:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Wednesday mornings, 10-11:30 a.m. Pacific Time
Group size: 6-10 members committed to a weekly meeting
Price: You decide – $10, $15 or $20 per meeting paid monthly prior to the meeting.

Pre-requisite: Familiar with experiencing consciousness technologies, Heart Centered Awareness or a one-hour preparatory session with Janet. Prep session price: $200.00 / Sliding scale available if needed.

Weekly Heart Centered Play Groups

  Zero Point Field, Unified Consciousness, Universe, the All, lots of different terms refer the same thing but from different biases. It is all the field of the heart. This group is all who are looking for a neutral, supportive, non-judgmental state to enjoy and explore Life from within themselves. It is open to those interested in consciousness technologies. Skill sets and trainings don’t matter – only your desire to resonate with expansive heart space as part of the unified field of Consciousness. As a group, we explore our definitions of heart, develop comfort with the word, clear out incongruent thinking and feelings about heart and associations that don’t allow us to access our wonder. We align ourselves with the play that Consciousness is. Sacred space is accessible.

Tuesday evenings, 7-9 p.m. Portland, Oregon
Donation: $10.00 at the door. RSVP appreciated. Drop-ins welcome.

Monthly Men’s Group

  This group is for men only. Exploring the magic and power in being male in today’s society. Topical experiences reveal the dynamics at play. Wonder always ensues.

Monday evenings 6:30-8:30 p.m., usually every second monday of the month.
Donation: $10.00 at the door. RSVP required.

I was amazed at how you instantly went into rapport with each participant and were able to then help them have their experience.
– MB, Indianapolis, IN

Meeting Place for Groups

Please contact me for information about participating. All groups take place just north of Reed College at my home
  3350 SE Colt Drive
  Portland, Oregon 97202

Driving Directions

Directions to Group

Directions to 3350 SE Colt Dr, Portland OR 97202

Map to play group location

Need more help? Email Janet




I write in my own words, incorporating from a wide background of frequently intersecting informational sources. I assume no responsibility for being the final word on any group and their trainings. I can only speak from my awareness of such information.

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Offering heart-centered play groups where we use our understanding of the quantum realm to transform our day-to-day health and well being, to live into our dreams, to witness miracles.

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