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Podcast: Episode 51: Celebrating The Solstice And The Angelic Realm with Crystal Pomeroy

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Solstices honor the transitions of the seasons. Angels occupy a realm that is at least as old as humankind. Joining Janet is Crystal Pomeroy, angel communicator, metaphysician, astrologer. Listen and let in the support of the angelic realm to help you enjoy the beauty and warmth of this challenging holiday season.

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Crystal Pomeroy

From her childhood, Crystal Pomeroy has been developing her natural talents and skill sets that include healer, astrologer, teacher, writer, speaker, spiritual growth facilitator and television and radio host. She is a scholar, a collector of myths and stories from numerous cultural antiquities. Originally from Northern California, Crystal studied Spanish and Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley. Since college, she has been living in Mexico where she has continued her studies of native traditions. She hosts her own weekly radio show in Mexico City. You can read her monthly predictions and tips and her Daily Success Guide in Daykeeper Journal.

Author of the upcoming Llewellyn book, Angelic Intelligence, Crystal is the Founder of Vibrational Science, Divine Unblocking and Angelic Constellation methods. Her teachers and students through her Alchemy Empowerment Sessions offer sustaining ongoing support for orphanages and the elderly and others in need in the Mexico City area.

At she offers Alchemy Empowerment Sessions, various courses working with angels, and in depth astrological and numerological charts. She is on Facebook as Crystal Pomeroy Author and Healer and Instagram as crystal_clearalways.

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Our language is of HELP. Different energies and ways we can engage the wonder of BEing and the being in the body/form. We are not alone. Consciousness provides ageless events and tracking of the heavens and Earth. We are showered in angels, goddesses and gods, and astrology. Appreciations of the seasons. Kindness, Support, Blessings, Solstice and Holidays and Love.

Roots: Associated WorksTree roots

Crystal’s influences started with her mother, Maya Del Mar, scientist, activist, journalist, and astrologer, who taught her metaphysical principles beginning in grade school, taking her to teachers such as Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of Findhorn, Reverend Pearl Shannon (Western Spiritual Science), and renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell. Maya started training Crystal in astrological charts at age 12 providing her first library of esoteric books. Among other authors, Crystal appreciates Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ernest Holmes, Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Muses, John Randolph Price and Lucy Aspra. Crystal’s article on the Mayan calendar Mayan Metaphysics for 2012 provides references within the cultural oral traditions of Mexico.

Ageless: Free Consciousness CookiesCookies – Food for thought

“Humanity's survival depends now upon a willingness and ability to disengage from Consensus and open up to…other worlds.”
“The Sun shines and warms and lights us but we have no curiosity to know why this is so: but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Our original ancestors were not silly apes but a magical display of the very essence, nature, and energy of the Primordial Source of all creation fashioned in luminous form.”
Sharon Rose, The Path of the Priestess

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Episode 51 The Realms Of Beyond Are Filled With HELP is available to read at my blog page at blog page or hear it at my YouTube channel Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Barrett.

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