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Podcast: Episode 52: A Perfect Time for A New Year with Crystal Pomeroy

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We are ready to be done with 2020. What do the stars, angels and our inner wisdom have to say about that? Joining Janet is Crystal Pomeroy. Metaphysician, astrologer, angel communicator, and healer. Listen in and enjoy with us as we mark this timely reminder of the past, present and future realms of Being Alive.

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Crystal Pomeroy

From her childhood, Crystal Pomeroy has been developing her natural talents and skill sets that include healer, astrologer, teacher, writer, speaker, spiritual growth facilitator and television and radio host. She is a scholar, a collector of myths and stories from numerous cultural antiquities. Originally from Northern California, Crystal studied Spanish and Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley. Since college, she has been living in Mexico where she has continued her studies of native traditions. She hosts her own weekly radio show in Mexico City. You can read her monthly predictions and tips and her Daily Success Guide in Daykeeper Journal.

Author of the upcoming Llewellyn book, Angelic Intelligence, Crystal is the Founder of Vibrational Science, Divine Unblocking and Angelic Constellation methods. Her teachers and students through her Alchemy Empowerment Sessions offer sustaining ongoing support for orphanages and the elderly and others in need in the Mexico City area.

You can reach Crystal for Alchemy Empowerment and Unblocking Sessions, various courses working with Angels, and in depth astrological and numerological charts at or through her website

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We are talking of cycles that have the flows that Self interprets as endings and beginnings in their rhythms. Whether in terms of feeling the circadian rhythms of body/form, earth, in astrological terms, in planetary terms all is in movement coming in and out of our focus and awareness. These cycles encompass our sense of time and space.

Roots: Associated WorksTree roots

“…the story of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection bears a striking resemblance to those of earlier ‘mystery cults’ revolving around a divine mother and her son or, as in the worship of Demeter and Kore, her daughter.”
Rianne Eisler (The Chalice and The Blade, Harper SanFrancisco)
“Janus… (for whom January was named), the god who could see into the past, present and future.”
Susan Peznecker, (Yule, Llewellyn Publicatons)
“January is sacred to the Roman god Janus, the two-faced divinity,” who is “the male equivalent of…the goddess Juno-Janus.”
Nigel Pennick (The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books)
“The Twelfth Day of Christmas was originally the Epopteia (the Epiphany of Kore),” which later “became…the day of the coming of the Wise Men to view the holy babe, now masculine.”
Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (The Year of the Goddess, The Aquarian Press)

For more on the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and its influence in 2021, check out Crystal’s predictions for December, 2020 and January 2021 at Daykeeper Journal-affirmative astrology for challenging times.

You may write to Crystal at for more about the two rituals she mentioned, first the ancient Mexican ritual, The raising of the Banners, where you write your intentions to be better persons on strips of bark paper and them tie them on perennial trees so that the trees' heroic energy would bless them with it's force for growth and resilience, and her other angel ritual where you write down your intentions, burning it and then going through the doorway where the Angels of Endings and Beginnings seal the door and open the way to your new path.

Ageless: Free Consciousness CookiesCookies – Food for thought

“Participant is the new word to describe what was once called ‘observer’…in some mysterious way, humans participate in everything we observe.”
John Archibald Wheeler, Theoretical Physicist
“To each living thing the Mother gave a temporary form that would eventually dissolve, back once more into the Infinite, churning a cauldron of potential, where matters and energies are constantly exchanged and recombined. She made the world an image of that uterine cauldron, so that every life form sustains itself by absorbing, decomposing, and assimilating other forms.”
Barbara Walker

BlogQuan Yin

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